Subject/Unit Outlines

From Autumn Session 2019, in accordance with the University’s Unit Outlines and Learning Guides Policy, Subject/Unit Outlines for all Schools and The College (except The College Foundation units) are now available from the University Handbook.

The links below are for The College Foundation Subject/Unit Outlines only.

The information provided within The College Foundation Subject/Unit Outlines in this database has been supplied by The College, as a guide for your convenience. If you are unsure of the currency of any unit requirement, please consult your Unit Coordinator.

Download the Subject/Unit Outlines by right-clicking on a link and selecting "Save link as…". To view the downloaded file, you may use the latest version of Adobe Reader. For further support, please go to Acrobat Reader Help.

Unit No. Year Term/Session Unit Name
40081020211HIntegrated Clinical Rotations 1
40081120212Integrated Clinical Rotations 2
40086120211H/2HFoundations of Medicine 1
40086120211H/2HFoundations of Medicine 1
40086220211H/2HFoundations of Medicine 2
40127620211Clinical Sciences 1
40127620212Clinical Sciences 1
40127720212Clinical Sciences 2
40127820212Appliced Clinical Sciences 1
70000820203Programming Fundamentals
70001220211Computer Networking
70001220203Computer Networking
70001320203Systems Analysis and Design
70001320202Systems Analysis and Design
70003920211Object Oriented Analysis
70003920203Object Oriented Analysis
70006420203Foundations of Research and Evidence-based Practice
70007120203Building 2
70007520203Professional Pathways in Health Science
70022020211Introduction to Human Behaviour
70022020203Introduction to Human Behaviour
70027820203Information Technology in Business
70027820211Information Technology in Business
70030320211The Health Science Professional
90000920201Programming Design
90001020202Accounting Fundamentals
90001020203Accounting Fundamentals
90001020201Accounting Fundamentals
90001120202Statistics for Academic Purposes
90001120201Statistics for Academic Purposes
90002120211Academic English
90002120203Academic English
90002120202Academic English
90002320203Business Studies
90002320211Business Studies
90002620201Communication and Media
90002820201Computer Studies
90002820202Computer Studies
90002920203Cultural Perspectives
90002920211Cultural Perspectives
90005120201Computer Literacy
90005320201Foundations of Science
90005620201The Structure of English
90007720203Australian Studies
90007720201Australian Studies
90007720211Australian Studies
90007920211Foundation Physics 1
90007920212Foundation Physics 1
90007920203Foundation Physics 1
90008020211Foundation Physics 2
90008020212Foundation Physics 2
90008020203Foundation Physics 2
90008120203Health Communication
90008120212Health Communication
90008120211Health Communication
90008220203Introduction to Human Behaviour
90008320211Introduction to the Australian Legal System
90008320202Introduction to the Australian Legal System
90008320203Introduction to the Australian Legal System
90008420211Introductory Programming
90008420203Introductory Programming
90008420212Introductory Programming
90008620212Mathematics 2
90008620203Mathematics 2
90008620211Mathematics 2
90008820202Mathematics for Health Science
90008820203Mathematics for Health Science
90008820211Mathematics for Health Science
90008920201Organisation for Tertiary Study
90009020212Science for Health Professionals
90009020211Science for Health Professionals
90009220201Texts and Communication
90009720201Academic Skills for Arts
90009720203Academic Skills for Arts
90009720202Academic Skills for Arts
90009820202Academic Skills for Business
90009820203Academic Skills for Business
90009820211Academic Skills for Business
90009920211Academic Skills for Health Science
90009920202Academic Skills for Health Science
90009920203Academic Skills for Health Science
90010120203Academic Skills for Science
90010120211Academic Skills for Science
90010420211Focus on Biology
90010520203Fundamentals of Science
90010520211Fundamentals of Science
90010620211Health Care Environments
90010620212Health Care Environments
90010620203Health Care Environments
90010720202Introduction to Academic Communication 1
90010720203Introduction to Academic Communication 1
90010720201Introduction to Academic Communication 1
90010820212Introduction to Academic Communication 2
90010820203Introduction to Academic Communication 2
90010820201Introduction to Academic Communication 2
90010920211Key Ideas in Arts and Social Sciences
90011220211Skills for Health Science
90011420203Introductory Business Mathematics
90011420201Introductory Business Mathematics
90011420202Introductory Business Mathematics
90011520201Practical Mathematics
90012020202English for International Students 1
90012020203English for International Students 1
90012020201English for International Students 1
90012120203English for International Students 2
90012120202English for International Students 2
90012120211English for International Students 2
90012320203Psychological Foundations of Health
90012320211Psychological Foundations of Health
90012620211Communication Skills in Health Science 1
90012620212Communication Skills in Health Science 1
90012320202Psychological Foundations of Health
BEHV000120213Introduction to Human Behaviour
BEHV000120221Introduction to Human Behaviour
BIOS000220221Focus on Biology
BEHV000820221Psychological Foundations of Health
BUSM001220213Business Studies
COMP000220213Introductory Programming
MATH000920213Mathematics 2
MATH001720221Mathematics for Health Science
MEDI300320221Integrated Clinical Rotations 1
MEDI300620221Applied Clinical Sciences 1
MEDI400120221H/2HIntegrated Clinical Rotations 2
MEDI706320221H/2HApplied Clinical Sciences 2
NATS000220221Academic Skills for Health Science
NATS000320221Academic Skills for Science
NATS000320213Academic Skills for Science
NATS000720221Fundamentals of Science
NATS000720213Fundamentals of Science
NATS000920221Health Communication
NATS000920222Health Communication
NATS002020213Skills for Health Science
NATS001620213Science for Health Professionals
NATS001620221Science for Health Professionals
NATS001620222Science for Health Professionals
NATS002020221Skills for Health Science
MATH001720213Mathematics for Health Science
HLTH000220213Healthcare Environments
HLTH000220222Healthcare Environments
JUST000320213Introduction to the Australian Legal System
JUST000320222Introduction to the Australian Legal System
LANG005120221Communication Skills for Health Science 1
LANG000520221Academic English
LANG000520213Academic English
LANG004020213Introduction to Academic Communication 2