Develop a Publishing Plan

Choosing where to publish and how to promote your research is critical as a researcher. Strategic scholarly publishing involves following a systematic approach to ensure that you publish in the most effective outlet and maximise your success in publishing.

Ideally, before you start writing, develop a publishing plan to help you strategically manage aspects of the process you may not realise were involved.

A well-thought-out publishing plan can help:

  • raise your academic profile
  • increase the visibility and impact of your work
  • contribute to scholarly discussions in your field
  • add to the reputation of WSU as a world-class institution.

So, whether you are an early-career, mid-career, or established researcher or studying for a research degree and intending to submit a research proposal, visit the Publishing Plan Toolkit for information on how to develop your publishing plan.

Use the button below to contact the Scholarly Publishing Consultant for a copy of the Publishing Plan Form and Library support to help you develop your publishing plan.

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Publishing Plan Toolkit

Use the Publishing Plan Toolkit to develop a strategic publishing plan that maximises research impact and supports your career goals. Your publish plan should be used as a guide to help you:

  • Find suitable quality publishing outlets, e.g., journals, books, conference proceedings, or trade publications
  • Check the quality of your publishing outlets to find one that maximises your research impact
  • Identify publisher guidelines and style guides to be followed, before you start writing and before you submit your research
  • Promote your research before, upon and after publication, and keep current
  • Track your research performance for grant and academic promotions

Researcher Profiles

Learn about the importance of researcher profiles, including:

  • Having an ORCID record
  • Linking your ORCID to the ARC Research Management System (RMS) and other researcher profiles
  • The WSU Researcher Profile, Scopus Author Identifier, Web of Science ResearcherID, and Google Scholar profile
  • How to get the most out of your researcher profiles.

The Publishing Process

The Publishing Process provides an introduction to the world of scholarly publishing, and looks at:

Open Access

Learn about Open Access, including:

  • How to comply with open access policies and mandates
  • Copyright and Creative Commons licences
  • ‘Gold’, ‘Diamond’ and ‘Green’ open access models
  • Read & Publish Agreements
  • Understanding Article Processing Charges (APC)
  • Where to find a suitable journal for your research
  • Using ResearchDirect to meet your funder mandates

Research Metrics

Use research metrics to measure your research performance for grant and academic promotions:

  • Measure research performance and attention to research
  • Demonstrate influence and performance for grants and academic promotions
  • Check your publication track record and top papers

Research Engagement

Gather evidence of engagement with your research end-users, including how to:

  • Identify research end-users
  • Develop an engagement strategy
  • Gather and maintain evidence of engagement

Research Impact

Demonstrate your research impact and how to:

  • Gather evidence of your 'real world' impact
  • Consider how your research contributes to the economy, society, environment, and culture
  • Recognise how your research partnerships and collaboration can enhance research impact