Linking to Library Resources
Using Library Resources

Western Sydney University Library e-resources can be used in class, embedded (or linked) into vUWS and can be used within other online tools.

To add Western Sydney University Library resources such as e-books, journal articles or streaming online video into your teaching materials, you must create stable links that work both on and off-campus. URLs from the location bar in your browser will generally not work consistently.

Many e-resources have options to create stable links - some terms used include 'Permalink', 'Bookmark URL', ‘Embed/Link’, ‘Stable URL' and 'Digital Object Identifier' (DOI).

Journal Articles
Using the DOI to link to journal articles:

Many databases use Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs), which can be used to create stable links.

To create a stable link for these databases using a DOI:

  1. Navigate to the article and locate the DOI.
  2. Copy the DOI from the article.
  3. Paste the DOI you copied to the end of this: (For example,
  4. Many resources have options to create stable links - look for terms like 'Permalink', 'Bookmark URL'  ‘Embed/Link’ or ‘Stable URL'.
  5. Some URLs that display in the web browser may already contain ‘ezproxy’ information and therefore this would be considered a stable link (e.g.
  6. Linking to eBooks and Videos
  7. Perform a search via the library search box or review our collections directly at eBook Guide or Video Resources Guide to locate relevant material
  8. Refer to any options that create stable links - look for terms like 'Permalink', 'Bookmark URL', ‘Embed/Link ‘and 'Stable URL'
  9. If none of these options are available, the process for creating a link from the Library Search Box should be followed (see below).

    Create a link to a record in the Library Search Box

    Use this method to create links to records in the Library Search box e.g. e-books, print material and videos:

  10. Perform your search via the Library search box.

    Resource search

  11. Click on the record and select the link icon .

    Resource Action

If you experience any issues creating links, please contact the Library for assistance.