Alumni members have borrowing privileges and off-campus access to a limited range of e-resources.

WSU Community hours access is available to registered Alumni on presentation of a current GradLife card and photo ID.

GradLife card

A requirement of Alumni Library membership is registering with Office of Advancement and Alumni, Please contact ( or 02 9685 9500) or register online to obtain a GradLife card. Once GradLife registration is complete, activate your Alumni Library membership by completing our Library membership form.

Alumni members who have registered with the Office of Employability and Graduate Success and have not yet received their GradLife card, are still able to borrow from the Library upon presentation of photo identification.

Alumni may continue to use their existing Western ID card if it’s not a GradLife card.

Library membership does not include Document Delivery, borrowing Reserve Collection material, or access to the Library's electronic resources unless otherwise specified.