ResearchDirect Guidelines

ResearchDirect includes material created by, associated to/with, or sponsored by University staff and students.

The following materials may be included in ResearchDirect:

  • Research output deemed eligible for government reporting. Further information is available here;
  • Publications by current University staff and students at the post-print stage (subject to any necessary agreement with the publisher);
  • University PhD and Masters by Research degree theses;
  • University related research such as books, book chapters, working papers, discussion papers and technical reports;
  • University conference proceedings;
  • University research series;
  • Research data and descriptions;
  • Patents;
  • Non-reportable published research outputs.

The following materials will not be included in ResearchDirect:

  • Material intended for commercialisation;
  • Publications containing confidential material;
  • Publications which infringe copyright;
  • Material to which granting unrestricted access would compromise ethical considerations, including those relating to cultural sensitivities;
  • Honours theses and theses completed to fulfil degrees awarded by other institutions;
  • Non-refereed draft papers or draft versions of papers released for discussion (preprints);
  • Administrative documents and records, including those associated with research projects;
  • Teaching materials.

The Library reserves the right to withdraw items from ResearchDirect.