Turnitin Student Support

A tool to improve academic writing

Good academic writing, like other skills, comes with practice and experience. It is a critical skill. Turnitin is a tool that can help students improve their writing and citation skills.

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a web-based text-matching software that identifies and reports on similarities between documents.

While this type of software can be used as a detection tool, it can also, more importantly, be used as an educative tool.

How does Turnitin work?
  • Students submit assessment papers to Turnitin via their vUWS Subject site.
  • Turnitin compares electronically submitted papers against the following:
    • Student papers worldwide: 1.4 billion with up to 1 million papers submitted daily, including Western Sydney University student submissions since 2007
    • Scholarly literature: compared against 82 million+ journal articles in dozens of languages, including open access repositories
    • Internet archive: 91 billion current and archived web pages with 22 million pages added daily
  • Your original Turnitin submission is returned with a Similarity Report that highlights text from your paper and links to the original sources.
  • Academics find the Similarity Reports useful as a tool to guide students in following the correct citation practices and to highlight the potential need for greater originality in student work.

Note: Turnitin is not used in all subjects at Western Sydney University and may not be utilised for all assignments within a particular subject.

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