Printing and Photocopying

Printing, photocopying and desk sales services at Western Sydney University campus libraries deliver high speed, quality copying and printing at reasonable cost. Information on these services, operating procedures and associated equipment can be found in the copy/print areas or by asking at the Library Service Desk. Parramatta City Campus printing and photocopying is provided by Campus Services.

It is your responsibility to abide by the Copyright Act. A section of the act is displayed in each photocopying area.

Printing, photocopying and desk sales services are 'cashless' and controlled by an ID card linked to a personal identification number (PIN) protected account. ID cards are issued to Western Sydney University staff on application and to Western Sydney University students when they complete enrolment.

New student and staff cards do not have a PIN when they are issued. To protect the money credited to your account you should select a four digit PIN for your new card as soon as possible at a card reader in a Western Sydney University Library nearest to you. Be sure to choose a PIN you will easily remember. Do not use your student or staff number.

University authorised to access College, School or Divisional credit for work purposes need to register their staff cards by completing and submitting an Account Access Form (PDF) (individual application) or Group Account Access Form (PDF) (group application).

Students authorised to access College or School funds for postgraduate study, research or other projects, should complete this form (PDF).