Purchase Resources

The Library welcomes new item requests from staff and students for the Library collection. You may request an item for course study, area of research or a general item.

All new requests will be assessed against the Collection Development and Access Policy.

Request An Item For The Library Collection

Order requests for new items such as books or audio visual material must indicate if they are unit specific or not. If an item is unit specific multiple copies may be purchased.

Due to the substantial and ongoing cost of new journal and database subscriptions, requests will be evaluated in light of available funds and anticipated use.

Requests for single journal articles may be submitted to Document Delivery.

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Staff Requests For Non-Library Use Items

The Library purchases books required as working tools or reference for university academic and professional staff. When the requested item is received and processed by the Library, a permanent loan will be applied and the item will be sent to the requestor's office. (Note: all items are to returned to the Library upon end of employment). An extension of this service also includes license management and price negotiation.

All non-library requests require authorisation by your Dean or Supervisor. Library staff will request you source authorisation when confirmation of availability of the item and cost is provided to you.

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Where an exception has been granted to the ‘Personal and Discretionary Expenditures Policyfor purchase of items on a Corporate Credit card, details of the items purchased must be sent to the Library for recording purposes. Email details to libacq@westernsydney.edu.au.


For audit purposes, the Library is responsible for recording and tracking all books and journals acquired using operating funds, internal or external research funds and/or donations. All books and journals purchased using University funds remain the property of the University, except where a book or journal is an approved gift from the University.