Fees & Penalties

To ensure fair access to Library resources for all library clients, fees accrue for the late return of items.


When items are overdue or overdue fees reach $10, all Library borrowing privileges are suspended until all fees have been paid in full.


Fees are incurred for the late return of all items. The return date is indicated in your My Library record.

  • Standard items incur a fee of $1.00 per item per DAY or part thereof
  • Reserve Room material incurs a fee of $2.00 per item per HOUR or part thereof
  • Recalled items not returned by designated date incur a fee of $2.00 per item per DAY or part thereof

Library notices are sent as a courtesy only. At all times, clients are responsible for the timely return of borrowed items irrespective of the receipt/non-receipt of notices.

  • Courtesy notices are sent 2 days prior to the item due date
  • Borrowing activity letters are sent on the 2nd of every month
  • Lost loan item notifications are sent 100 days after the due date
  • Requested item available notices are sent when the item is at the nominated pickup location.

Lost items: A standard fee of $100 (minimum) plus a $25 processing fee, applies per missing item ($125 in total). If the item is found and returned within 6 months of payment being made, a partial refund may apply. Please Note: "Lost" items returned to the Library will incur a $25 late fee plus a $25 processing fee.

Alternatively, Lost items may be replaced by an identical copy, in good order, of the same edition or later. Replacing a missing item incurs a processing fee of $25.

Damaged items: Damaged materials will incur a fee, normally equivalent to the replacement fee.


Payment of fees is made via OneStop.  

OneStop is a secure online credit card payment service. Processed by the Library the next working day.

A printed copy of the receipt will be required if you wish to have your library record cleared immediately, or if payments are queried at a later date.

When paying Library fees, please ensure that you do not pay more than the total fees owing. No refunds are provided for over-payment.