Printing, Photocopying and Scanning

Information about and help with printing, photocopying and scanning in the libraries can be found in the copy/print areas, by asking at the Library Service Desk or contact the Library. At Parramatta City Campus these services are provided by Information Technology and Digital Services.

Check current Service Costs for the latest information. Answers to commonly asked questions about printing, photocopying and scanning in Western Sydney University libraries can be found on our FAQs page.

Your Account

You can transfer money onto your printing account using the Western Sydney University online credit card payment service. Please note that payments made via OneStop will be available for use within 15 minutes.

This account is linked to your student and staff card. To protect the money credited to your account you should select a four-digit PIN for your new card. If you do forget your PIN, don’t panic — just talk to a Library staff member who can reset it for you.

As the card holder you are responsible for:

  • loss or damage to your card,
  • loss arising from unauthorized use of your card where you cardholder has disclosed their PIN to a third party, or
  • loss incurred between the time the card is lost and reporting the loss to Student Administration.

If the card is damaged or lost you will not receive a refund or reimbursement. The residual value or credit in an account is only refundable when you complete or withdraw from studies, or employment, at the Western Sydney University.

In the event of a network failure, please be aware that the card readers enable you to continue to copy and print. However your ID card may go into debit if there are insufficient funds, and you are advised to use this facility with discretion. The Library cannot take responsibility for the accrual of excessive debts on ID cards

School /College/Divisional Accounts

University Staff authorised to access College, School or Divisional credit for work purposes need to register their staff cards by completing and submitting an Account Access Form (individual application) or Group Account Access Form (group application).

Students authorised to access College or School funds for postgraduate study, research or other projects, should complete the Student Account Access Form.

Reporting A Problem

The Student Printing Problem Form needs to be filled out if you are having issues adding values to your account, or if you are having issues logging into the printers. Please request a refund if you were charged but you didn’t receive your print job. This also applies for issues with Photocopying/Scanning services.

It is your responsibility to abide by the Copyright Act. A section of the act is displayed in each photocopying area.

Printing, photocopying and scanning services are "cashless" and controlled by an ID card. ID cards are issued to Western Sydney University staff on application and to Western Sydney University students when they complete enrolment.