Using Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) DataLab for Research

Use and analyse the most detailed microdata in the secure Australian Bureau Statistics (ABS) DataLab for your statistical research or modelling.

Western Sydney Researchers and Higher Degree Research Students working on academic projects at Western Sydney University are covered for any costs by the ABS/Universities Australia Agreement to 31 Dec 2022.

What is DataLab?

DataLab is the analysis solution for high-end users who want to undertake real time complex analysis of detailed microdata. 

Using DataLab:

  • You can analyse highly detailed microdata within the secure DataLab, using statistical software including R, SAS, Stata and Python for your statistical research or modelling.
  • All output you select to use is cleared by ABS before being released to you.
  • Registration with the ABS to use DataLab is most essential.

Who can access DataLab?

Western Sydney University Researchers who meet ABS safe people criteria can access DataLab:

  • Ability to use at least one of the statistical analytical languages available in the DataLab such as  R, SAS, Stata and Python.
  • Have at least three years of either quantitative research experience or university study with a significant component working with quantitative data or have a referral from an experienced researcher working on the same project.
  • Located in Australia when accessing the microdata.
  • Have an approved safe project that is for statistical and/or research purposes and demonstrates public value.
  • Meet additional criteria that apply to specific microdata.

What detailed microdata is included in the ABS DataLab?

  • Designed specifically for use within the DataLab environment.
  • Direct identifiers (such as names and addresses) removed.
  • Further appropriate confidentiality applied within the context of the other security features of the DataLab.
  • Topics include Census, health, education, labour force, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, migrants, crime, business, disabilities, ageing and carers.
  • Datasets include ABS survey results, administrative data collected by other organisations and integrated datasets.
  • list more detailed microdata topics.

What are the steps to register for accessing and using ABS DataLab?

1:    DataLab Registration

WSU Researcher (Staff or Higher Degree Research students only) registers in ABS Registration Centre to activate DataLab account and agrees to conditions of use for DataLab.

2: Notification of registration to WSU

WSU Researcher informs WSU Contact Officer that they have registered.

3:   Project proposal submission

WSU Researcher contacts the ABS to discuss project requirements and data options before completing and submitting a project proposal to ABS.

4: Project Assessment by ABS

5: DataLab research training

WSU Researcher completes DataLab safe researcher - training can be completed while ABS considers research proposal.

6:  Notification of Project approval to WSU

WSU Researcher informs WSU Contact Officer when ABS approves project.

7: Completion of Undertakings and declarations:

Before accessing Data Lab WSU Researcher completes the undertakings and declarations forms and submits to ABS.

8: Creation of DataLab account by ABS.

9 Input/Output Clearance.

WSU Researcher completes Input/Output Clearance forms as required and submits to ABS.

ABS DataLab Websites to assist:

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