Research Data Storage Options
Working data storage

In accordance with the University's Research Data Management Policy, infrastructure is available to researchers to use as a secure platform to store and share working data. Working data, or active data, is that which is associated with active research practice and therefore would not be considered a ‘completed’ output.

Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance with these working data storage solutions:

  • Cloudstor offers working storage and file sharing.
  • Cloud storage via OneDrive. Access is available through the Microsoft Office 365 Online Portal by using your Western Account.
  • Storing data on the University network drives ensures data is backed up and access is secured by using Western Account credentials.
  • Personal equipment is considered a temporary solution which must be backed up regularly on a separate secure device and held at a different location.
Archival data storage

In accordance with the University's Research Data Management Policy, researchers’ data management plans must include provision for describing the data (metadata) and then depositing the data and/or its description into ResearchDirect.

Use the Create archival Data Record option within ResearchDirect to create a description of your data. This should include details about the location of the data files and any associated project websites, publications, and access conditions.

For assistance with long-term storage of research data files, contact the IT Service Desk.

The University’s Open Access to Research Policy stipulates that these records and their associated datasets should be available for reuse and citation wherever possible.

If this is not feasible due to sensitivity or contractual considerations, the data description (metadata) should still be created in ResearchDirect and remain accessible to the Principal Investigator and nominated Data Manager. (Note: system administrators will also have access to this information.)

The Library will assist with the open access and publication of research datasets, metadata records and associated shareable data files.