Research Data Management Planning

The Library helps researchers through the provision of a Research Data Management Planning (RDMP) tool in ResearchDirect. To do this:

  • Choose the Data Management Plan option from the right-hand menu on the ResearchDirect home page and log in with your Western Account.
  • Create, review and update your RDMP regularly throughout your research project.

A data management plan will inform ethics applications and provide the basis for maximising data value.

A data management plan should also include details of the technical planning options that will be used in your research. Consideration of how much and what type of data, who needs access to it and plans for future reuse by the same team or new researchers lays the foundation for efficient data practices through the life of the project.

If you would like further consultation on your technology options, contact the University’s eResearch Analyst or the IT Service Desk.

The University and Library provide resources to assist with your data wrangling; additionally, a range of resources to support data management and data management planning are available from the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC).

If you need further assistance, the Support for research data management forms are available in WesternNow for both staff researchers and HDR students.