1st year undergraduate integrated programs

The Successful Searching online tutorial and assessment is designed for 1st year undergraduate students and provides an introduction to research techniques and tools to help students find and manage information effectively. The assessment is available to all students enrolled in the following units in Autumn 2019.

Business Information Essentials is an additional online tutorial and assessment to be completed by School of Business students.

Business 200911 Enterprise Innovation and Markets
  200911 Enterprise Leadership
  200910 Financing Enterprises
Computing, Engineering & Mathematics 301213 Construction Communication
  300964 Introduction to Engineering Practice
  301030 Introduction to Industrial Design Methods
  300134 Introduction to Information Technology
  100483 Principles of Professional Communication
  300585 System Analysis and Design
Education 102086 Designing Teaching and Learning
  102101 Diverse Literacies
  102096 Researching and Teaching and Learning
  102077 Understanding and Teaching Children
Humanities & Communication Arts 100846 Analytical Reading and Writing
  102262 Design Histories and Futures
  100910 Music Therapy Method
  102292 Strategic Communication
Science & Health 400871 Professional Health Competencies
  300811 Scientific Literacy
  401243 Sport for Social Development
Social Sciences & Psychology 102531 Human Behaviour Online
  102709 Introduction to Criminal Justice
Introduction to Criminal Justice (Online)
  101184 Psychology: Human Behaviour
The College (Term 1) 700211 / 900097 Academic Skills for Arts
  700248 / 900098 Academic Skills for Business
  700200 Academic Skills for Construction Management
  700230 / 900101 Academic Skills for Health Science
  700205 Academic Skills for ICT
  700230 / 900101 Academic Skills for Science
  900072 English for Academic Purposes
  700280 Essential Skills for Academic Success
  900089 Organisation for Tertiary Study
  700283 Professional Communication Skills for Engineering
  900112 Skills for Science
  700247 TSS in Business
  700176 TSS in Communication
  700167 TSS in Construction Management
  700168 TSS in Criminal and Community Justice
  700177 TSS in Design
  700175 TSS in Policing
  700169 TSS in Engineering
  700170 TSS in Health Science
  700171 TSS in ICT
  700173 TSS in Science


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