Eligibility Guidelines for a DOI

Request a Western Sydney University DOI

Please check the eligibility guidelines below before requesting a DOI.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Western Sydney University must be the sole publisher. Copyright may be jointly held with an external body.
  • Grey literature or research data authored/created by a staff member (adjuncts included), student or organisational unit.
  • Digital versions of Western Sydney University hosted conference proceedings (full-text, peer reviewed)
  • Digital research reports.
  • Grey literature or dataset must be made freely available in ResearchDirect following allocation of DOI.
  • Publications must contain a research component. Disputes will be resolved by the appropriate divisional Research Committee.
  • Item must be eligible for inclusion in ResearchDirect as the DOI must resolve to a ResearchDirect record.
  • Research reports must include a separate title page, author affiliation statement, copyright statement and acknowledgment of commissioning body if appropriate. Suggested citation and appropriate creative commons license are optional.

Out of Scope:

  • Western Sydney University theses.
  • Books/chapters.
  • Published peer review articles.
  • Draft documents.
  • Project Reports prepared for funding bodies, unless they contain a research component.
  • Learning/teaching materials.
  • Ephemera (material designed to be short lived such as pamphlets).

Download a copy of the eligibility guidelines.

The Library will submit the final version of your publication to the State and National libraries on your behalf.

Please contact the Library Research Team for assistance.