Research Report
A research report is a document containing key aspects and outcomes of a research project.

Research Data
The Western Sydney University Research Data Management Policy (section 2 (5) b.) defines research data as:
Research data includes all hard copy material generated in the course of research, together with all digital material on which research findings, interpretations and/or observations may rely. Research data may comprise any content or take any form, including numbers, symbols, text, images or sounds. Research data may also include information concerning how, when, where and with what methods research data were collected. Material constituting research data is commonly accepted as the evidence that validates research findings.

Grey Literature
Grey literature is materials produced by an organisation outside of the traditional commercial or academic publishing and distribution channels. Examples include research reports, annual reports, issues papers, working papers, policy documents, government submissions and technical documents.

Material designed to be short lived such as pamphlets and catalogues