Research Metrics & Impact

Australia’s national research evaluation framework, Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA), identifies and promotes excellence across the full spectrum of research activity in Australia’s higher education institutions. This evaluation framework gives government, industry, business and the wider community assurance of the excellence of research conducted in Australian higher education institutions. 

As well as this high level evaluation, individual researchers can source metrics and indicators of impact which help to track the contribution their research makes to academia and society; and to identify suitable publishing outlets.   

Metrics can be used to strengthen future funding applications and academic promotion opportunities by demonstrating the value of your work; and to develop a publishing strategy by evaluating the citation strength and potential of particular journals. 

Traditional bibliometrics (or citation based metrics) are measured in three main ways.  Each of these evaluations have different uses and it is important to think critically about how the metrics are used and what they actually measure.  The three levels of metrics are:

  • Assessing the publication source (e.g. journal or book).
  • Assessing the research (e.g. citation analysis, media attention and usage).
  • Assessing the researcher.

Learn More About Metrics and Impact

Metrics Toolkit was developed by a group of information professionals to help researchers and evaluators understand and use metrics responsibly. Explore and choose metrics for a range of situations.

MyRI (Measuring your Research Impact) is a self-paced tutorial that explains the main metrics tools in detail, how to track your research impact, and outlines journal citation and ranking methods.

Fast Track Impact provides step-by-step, practical advice for writing impact statements; including specific strategies on how to demonstrate impact for ARC and writing your track record for NHMRC grant applications. Use their impact tools and templates; or read examples of well written statements, along with reviewer feedback and evaluation.

How to track the impact of research data with metrics guide provides useful information on the impact of research data with metrics.

The Library offers a Research Metrics Service to assist with understanding the tools available and collecting research metric data. For further assistance please contact your School Librarian.