Get Noticed

Managing your research identity is an important part of research activities and can lead to collaborations and new opportunities. The University’s Research and Innovation Plan 2018-2020 (p. 6) highlights the importance of a proactive approach to profile management:

“At all appointment levels, it should be expected that academics build their profiles across social media, web, and professional networks. This includes ORCID registrations, Google Scholar profiles and similar activities. These activities form an important part of staff members’ professional development and a key link to external stakeholders.”

Researchers are increasingly utilising social media and the Internet to raise awareness of their profile and research in the international scholarly and non-scholarly communities. It is important to select and maintain the most appropriate outlets for your discipline. Where are your peers? Join relevant communities of practice and build relationships with potential collaborators.

Ensure all media and social media activity adheres to the University’s Media, Social Media and Public Commentary Policy and Code of Conduct.

TIP: Use a consistent name across sites and add your photo for a professional first impression. Provide links to your other profiles wherever possible.

Check the Library FAQs for details about managing your Google Scholar and ORCID records.

Please contact your School Librarian.