Data Management

Managing your data is as important as managing your information. Data format can range anywhere from interview transcripts and completed surveys to instrument readings, and observations. Safe storage and back up of working data is vital to ensure its long term security. Ideally, data management strategies should be included in the planning stage of the project, but retrospective data security and storage is also possible.

In accordance with the Open Access to Research Policy, the products and outputs of research conducted at the University (including research data) should be appropriately archived and made openly available for re-use and citation wherever possible. 

ResearchDirect is the University's Institutional Repository. It includes data that represents the inputs and outputs of research processes, or a reference to where this data is archived. Library staff will assist researchers to create accurate and complete data descriptions, which are then contributed to Research Data Australia. This increased exposure to research may enable new collaborations and research opportunities.

The Researcher Dashboard enables the creation of shareable Research Data Management Plans which comply with the University’s Policy. It provides instructions on how to obtain Western research data storage. The 'Manage' tab enables researchers to describe a dataset to ensure the University is aware that the data exists and must be managed. The 'Publish and Share' tab enables the researcher to progress an archival dataset record to publication in Research Direct and inclusion in Research Data Australia.

Additional information about managing and working with research data is available in the Library guide to Research Data Management.

For further assistance, staff may access the Support for research data management planning enquiry form in the WesternNow Staff Portal. If you are a Higher Degree Research (HDR) student, please use the enquiry form in the WesternNow Student Portal.