Know your library study spaces.

The Library encourages you to observe the social distancing and limitations on numbers in enclosed space requirements when using study spaces during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Student group study rooms are now closed.


  • restrict the number of people you gather with in the open study spaces
  • maintain the required social distancing between people


When in the Library be aware of your noise levels and consider others who are focused on study.

Understanding the different study spaces available in the Library will assist you and your fellow students to focus and study.

We have different spaces for silent, quiet and group study. These spaces are created to meet your study preferences and each have their own rules about acceptable noise levels.

Know your Library study spaces: 

Silent Study Areas
Individual silent study only.
Phones on silent.
Please move to another area for all conversations.
No food, covered drinks only.
Place rubbish in bins.

Quiet Study Areas
Groups of 2 – 3 people.
Whispered conversations only.
Phones on silent.
Covered food and drinks.
Place rubbish in bins.

Open Study Areas
Individuals up to medium-sized groups for study purposes
Moderate noise not heard beyond your group.
Covered food and drinks.
Phones on silent.
Place rubbish in bins.

Group Study Rooms
Small to medium sized groups (2 – 8 people) for study purposes.
This room is not soundproof. Consider others.
Bookings take preference over walk-in use.
Moderate noise not heard beyond your room.
Covered food and drinks.
Phones on silent.
Place rubbish in bins.

For larger group study requirements or noisier group work, consider using the Learning Commons on your campus.