Exam study environment.

When in the Library be aware of your noise levels and consider others who are focused on study.

Excitement about the end of session and nervousness about exams leads to excessive noise in the Library. At this time, we receive more complaints that noise in the Library is affecting your ability to focus and increases stress.

Your behaviour contributes to the atmosphere of the Library and being considerate in the Library creates a supportive study environment for all Western students.

We have various spaces for quiet, silent and shared study. These spaces are created to meet your study preferences and each have their own rules about acceptable noise levels.

•    Check the rules for each study space and ask Library staff if you have a question.
•    Student group study rooms are not soundproof. Be aware that sound travels.
•    If you are experiencing issues with noise or inappropriate behaviour, please see Library or Security staff.

The Library is here to support your study and wishes you the best for exam success in Spring 2019.