Retrain your brain at Penrith Library

Stressed? Mind won’t stop? Find it hard to concentrate? Try a Muse Mindfulness device.

Available as a trial on Penrith campus until the end of the year, MUSE headbands can be borrowed for 2 weeks by students.

What are they?

The headbands use an app to help guide your relaxation and meditation by sensing your brain activity. Over time, it can help you re-train your brain.

Why only Penrith?

The headbands have been funded by a Penrith Campus Life Grant, The Library will review the use and feedback from you at the end of the year, to decide if we will continue/expand the service.

You can’t get these on inter-campus loan, but any student who physically comes to Penrith is welcome to borrow them.

See how they work: Meet Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband.