Need a power nap? Sleep pods are now in the Library


Are you wondering what those strange-looking hooded lounges are in the Hawkesbury, Parramatta, Bankstown, Campbelltown and Penrith libraries?

They are EnergyPod  sleep pods, designed to give you a perfectly timed, energy-reviving 20 minute nap.

How do they work? Provided by your SSAF funds, the Pods are ergonomically designed, allowing you to recline to the perfect sleep angle for you, while music and lights designed to get you to sleep and help you sleep well play within the hood (for the benefit of those around you, please use earphones if you like the music loud).  After 20 minutes, the pod will start to gently vibrate, changing the music and lights to gently wake you up.

Press the i20 button on the control panel to automate this for you, or choose your own settings

Why are they here?  There is an increasing body of research that shows 20 minute naps improve concentration, increase energy levels and help reduce fatigue.  The EnergyPods are here to provide these benefits to you, to help you with your studies. 

Where else has sleep pods? Workplaces (architectural firms, stock brokers, general offices and major corporations including Google and Facebook), airports and other Australian and overseas universities are all increasingly recognising the value of a power nap and providing pods of various types.

(Note that research also shows napping for more than 20 minutes at a time decreases concentration and energy, and induces sleep fatigue – so don’t be tempted to increase the time!).

We welcome your feedback about the Pods via our Information Central service