September 2014 - What a difference a week makes

Evidence of how quickly progress is being made as we move towards the conclusion of the building creation is highlighted in these pictures.  Only a week or so since the last pictures were taken, and the differences are beginning to show..

On the outside, more of the blue shade cloth is gone, revealing just how the new Library will look when seen from the west-facing back of the building.  Sun screening is still to be applied to the windows to passively manage the heat from our summer sun, meaning the windows won't look quite like this when we move in.  Views and natural light in the study areas adjacent to these windows will still be fabulous.

Inside, the floating stairs are slowly being clad from beneath, incorporating acoustic treatment to help buffer sound travelling between levels through the stair void, while metallic bronze handrails add to the sense of dramatic height. 

Group study rooms and the skeletons of study booths are shaping up across the various levels.  Mid-level mezzanine collection floors look down to the dedicated quiet and silent study zones to the east, and across to the group study areas to the west.

With 19 group study rooms, vast open group study spaces with lounges, booths, chairs and beanbags, plus comfortable quiet and silent areas also offering a range of seating options, start planning which areas you'd like to try out first in 2015.