September 2014 means walls, stairs, windows and more

In the three months since the last posting here, a lot has been happening at the site of the new Penrith Library.

As the exterior brickwork is completed, the blue wrapping is coming down (yes, the stealthy blend-into-the-sky shadecloth is not a permanent feature) allowing the colour of the new Library to be on display.  The size and number of windows in the building may also be seen, showing just how much natural light will be in the study areas.

Inside, changes are taking place on a daily basis.  The floating stairs in the centre of the building are in place, providing a sense of the size of the central atrium void.  Glass and timber balustrades surround the atrium, allowing light and vision vertically and horizontally through the building - yes, the stairs will also have balustrades before we open.  If you aren't a fan of stairs, there is the option to use one of the glass-fronted lifts to move between floors as you access one of the 19 group study rooms, over 100 fixed computers, hundreds of individual workstations, comfortable seats/lounges, or browse the book stacks.

Meanwhile, back at the Ward and Allen libraries planning is underway to coordinate the move over to our new building while minimizing disruption to students and staff attending Summer Session.  Western Sydney University students and staff are reminded to watch this space for updates (and their email, notices in the Libraries, Connect screens...).  Very soon, it will all be getting very real.... and we are excited!