Interiors start to take shape

As May comes to a close, the promise and size of the spaces within the new Library building are being revealed.  Interior form work is being progressively removed, revealing the height ans size of each floor.  Non-structural walls are being erected, marking out the spaces for group study rooms.  If you look closely at the images you might glimpse the many floor boxes, the majority of which will provide access to power for you to use.

We continue to be on-track for opening the building in early 2015.  Furniture choices are nearing completion, providing a mix of seating options from 2 to 4 person booths, comfortable lounges, individual chairs, bean bags and more formal study tables and chairs.  Each group study room (all 18 of them) will have available large monitors with connections for your laptop/Macbook/iPad available.  Not working in a group study room?  Large monitors on wheels and mobile whiteboards will also be available for you to use in open group study areas.

Moving and merging the two existing Penrith libraries into one building is a complex task.  Planning for this move is now beginning, as we aim to minimize disruption for you, our clients, during this time.  Please watch this space, the Library news and any notices in the Ward and Allen libraries as the transition takes place in early 2015.