March 2014 and the last floor is poured

The dry weather between January and March 2014 has been good for the new library, and great progress has been made on the fabric of the building.

All floors have now been poured, and work on internal walls on the ground floor is underway.  It's exciting to see the size and shape of the library coming together, with a sense of how it fits into the landscape and the views students using the building will have emerging.  Autumn is upon us though, and as the rains come down we here in the Library watch anxiously that progress continues as planned.

Meanwhile, watching the building grow from nothing into a structure which is firmly embedded into its location, the reality of actual construction and what you might see on 'reality' TV like The Block is stark.  There are some gadgets on our site I'm sure the Block-heads would love.... take a look at the materials lift and hoist in the pictures accompanying this post!  With six levels to build and fit out, the builders here are sure to be making good use of these items.

The aerial shot provides a current birds-eye view of the site and progress.  If you'd like to have a closer look at what the inside will look like, jump back to earlier posts to view plans and architect impressions.