January 2014 and the weather has been kind

Despite a typical Australian summer of some 40C + days and some days of rain, progress on our new Library continues at speed.

The slabs for the ground floor, level 1 and our first mezzanine floor at level 2 are now poured, giving a sense of the true scale of the building.

As the building continues to take shape, the essential interior decisions continue to be made.

  • How will the lighting work – sensors, switches, timers, or a combination of all three elements?
  • What chairs will be in what area? Are they inviting, comfortable to sit in for a long time while using laptops, tablets or (gasp) books?
  • And although we know that you’ll look after it, what else do we need to think about to ensure the library keeps looking good for years to come?

Our aim is to create a welcoming, comfortable environment that encourages you to study in a way which suits you. Keep watching as the steel and concrete start to become your spaces throughout 2014.