Emerging from the hillside

The new building is emerging from the hillside as excavation is completed, underground rainwater retention tanks installed and essential (though mundane) services such as water, sewer and power/data cabling access established.

Dirt, rock and more dirt being removed

Much of the dirt and rock removed as part of the excavations has been re-purposed on the Kingswood campus, helping to raise the levels of the area opposite the hockey fields, as part of a longer-term strategy for the campus.

Underground tanks being installed

The lift pits which will accommodate two side-by-side glass lifts are in place, with much of the ground floor slab now poured as formwork rises ever-higher....

Ground floor scaffold

Rain is both our friend and our enemy during construction.  Whilst we need rain in this dry period, we in the Library are pleased it held off until the majority of the excavation is completed, slab poured and some formwork in place.  Fingers crossed the weather continues to be kind to our new building as it starts to take shape.