A new Library for the Penrith campus

Have you been wondering what the large hole in the ground at the Kingswood campus will become?  Well, wonder no more - it's the new Penrith Library. 

Following an intensive 18 month design process, work commenced on the site in mid-August 2013 with the excavation work to set the Library into the landscape. 

The new six-storey library is being constructed along the main campus walk, adjacent to buildings V, P and U.  The new building will consolidate the collections and services currently offered across the Allen and Ward libraries and bring to the Penrith campus a contemporary library service.

Twenty one group study rooms, open group study spaces along with zoned quiet and silent study areas will cater for differing study preferences.  A mix of fixed computers aligned with power and wireless coverage for BYOD clients ensures you will find the perfect study location for your needs.

Designed to take advantage of the natural slope of the site and sit within the landscape, the architects' impressions of the new library are below.

Architect impression of the library entrance


Architects impression of the rear of the library


Construction is expected to continue through 2014, with completion in early 2015.  Follow along with us and Capital Works & Facilities as our new Library rises from the earth.