Press Display/Reader. Access 2300+ newspapers on campus and at home

The Library now provides access to over 2,300 newspapers via Press Display and the Press Reader app for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Press Reader is the application version of our popular Press Display database. When on campus and connected to Western WiFi, students and staff who have installed the Press Reader app can download full newspapers from around the world.

You can then read these off campus without needing an internet connection.

When prompted, the app will ask you to use a free token, select "Yes" to authorise the download and you should receive a confirmation notice stating that free access is provided by Western Sydney University Library (tokens will not be used).

IMPORTANT: the download function will only allow free access whilst on campus and connected to Western WiFi.

You will still be able to access Press Display however you will need an internet connection to access content.

This news item was added: 21-03-2013 

Michael Gonzalez, Manager, Digital Discovery and Services