Journals which are also referred to as serials or periodicals are published on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly.

Journals may be:

  • Useful sources of current research especially for emerging issues and succinctly summarising prominent topics;
  • Scholarly or peer-reviewed.
  • Trade journals which are published for practitioners but are a useful source of information to health and science students as they give brief and very up-to-date information on various issues.

Note: Most journal titles held at Western Sydney University are available in electronic format.

Scholarly articles provide an academic perspective on aspects of occupational health and safety while trade journals can provide up to date views from an industry perspective.

For example
Evidence-Based Practices for Safe Patient Handling and Movement
Audrey Nelson; Andrea S Baptiste.
Orthopaedic Nursing; Pitman (0744-6020)
Nov/Dec 2006. Vol.25,Iss.6;p.366
Source: Health & Medical Complete

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