Copyright and Teaching Material

In Australian Universities, the use of copyright content for educational and Instructional purposes is governed by Licences and specific provisions of the Australian Copyright Act, 1968, which is managed by the Australian Government’s Department of Communication and the Arts.

Key University licenses for teaching purposes are:

Current Universities Australia and Screenrights Agreement for Broadcasts: Covers copying and communication (placing online) of TV and radio broadcasts, for educational purposes.

Current Universities Australia and Copyright Agency Agreement for Text and Images: Covers the copying and communication of print and graphic materials (books, journals, images, etc.).

The Commercial Music Licence: Covers copying and communication of sound recordings for educational purposes.

Key Copyright Act Provisions:

Section 28: Showing copyright content including films and DVDs in lectures, workshops and tutorials and communicating copyright content via live streaming.

Section 200AB Special Exception: which may allow the copying and communication of small amounts of audio-visual material under special circumstance