Copyright Relating To Higher Degree By Research Theses

Please ensure you are familiar with the University policies which relate to completion of a Higher Degree by Research thesis at Western Sydney University:

On the successful completion of your degree, you are required to submit a finalised PDF copy of your thesis and a completed Right of Access form to the Graduate Research School. The Right of Access form allows you to specify the access conditions for your thesis in ResearchDirect.

Third Party copyright material

A third party (e.g. publisher) might give you permission to include copyright work in your thesis for examination, but this is not the same as permission to make the published material available via your thesis in ResearchDirect.

If you have included material with third party copyright, you must either obtain permission to include that material or omit it from the ResearchDirect version of your thesis. Please include a notation where material has been removed, and if possible, a link to an online location for the published material.

If your thesis includes published articles, the accepted manuscript of these articles can usually be included in the ResearchDirect copy. In this case, you should also provide a link to the publisher’s version of record.

A useful resource is the Copyright Guide for Research Students from the Queensland University of Technology. It seeks to explain fundamental issues of copyright in higher degree research theses, including the use of third party copyright material.