Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks Online

While you are learning from home, the Library has selected a range of digital ‘Brain Breaks’ that may help you refresh your mental focus, combat procrastination and overcome motivation dips. Use the social apps to connect with friends, test your thinking with a brain teaser or cognitive riddle and have some fun with physical co-ordination challenges. “Snap-Wink” is one of our favourites and is known among Library staff to end in hearty laughter!

Go on, take a study break and have a little fun with Brain Breaks Online.

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Mobile Apps

Keep your mind sharp by trying out this range of free games.

Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD
Includes high definition pictures and a free daily puzzle.


Pixels: Colour by Number
This could be your new anti-stress activity.


Colour by Number Oil Painting
Create a masterpiece in your spare time.

Social Apps

Message another student and play together with these social apps:

Words with Friends 2
Everyone’s favourite team scrabble app has new ways to challenge your friends and your brain.


Draw Something Classic
Draw & Guess with your friends.

Online Brain Teasers

Puzzle Prime Brain Teasers
This website has a wide range of brain teasers to tickle the most conscientious mind. Select from categories such as Insight, Math, Lateral Thinking, Deduction, Riddles, Detective and more.

Physical Co-ordination Challenges

Snap-WinkThis activity requires you to switch snapping and winking. It engages both hemispheres of the brain and stimulates neural pathways.

  1. Stand up
  2. Wink your left eye and snap your right hand index finger and thumb at the same time.
  3. Wink your right eye and snap your left hand index finger and thumb at the same time.
  4. Switch back and forth as fast as you can.

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Hands Brain Break
This Brain Break seems simple. However, you will find out soon that you may have a hard time mastering it.
Hands Brain Break

  1. Stand Up.
  2. Start by waving your right hand in front of you left to right. Your palm should be facing away from you while keeping your hand with your fingers pointing up.
  3. Now stop that hand and have your left hand in front of you waving it up and down.
  4. Now practice moving them at the SAME TIME. Do not move your hands going diagonally.
  5. Now switch to have your right hand up and down, and your left hand to right. Do this faster and switch often to make it more difficult.
  6. Lastly, to increase the difficulty, have your arms crossed while doing this.

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Cognitive Stimulation

  1. Say the days of the week backwards, then in alphabetical order.
  2. Say the months of the year in alphabetical order. Easy? Try doing so backwards, in reverse alphabetical order.
  3. Find the sum of your date of birth, mm/dd/yyyy.
  4. Name two objects for every letter in your first name. Work up to five objects, trying to use different items each time.

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Relaxation, wellbeing and mindfulness

Mindful Breathing
Mindful breathing is a way of building resilience to stress, anxiety and anger. This brief animation steps you through a very basic mindful breathing exercise.

Relaxation Recordings
Download and listen to relaxation recordings designed to give you moments to de-stress. By engaging in these sessions, you can simultaneously relax, enhance your ability to focus and perform well academically. Created by the student Counselling Service at Western.

The Refreshing Deep Breath
Take a deep breath while counting to four. Hold this breath for four counts and then exhale slowly while counting to six.