Code of Conduct

The University Libraries serve the Western Sydney University community by providing high quality services and collections and a pleasant environment that is conducive to study and research. In order to accomplish this all Library clients are requested to refrain from the following activities:

Improper use of Library facilities and/or resources:

  • damage, defacement, mutilation, removal or attempted removal of library materials or property
  • use Library computing facilities for purposes not related to research or study, including access to inappropriate web sites

Any disturbance which disrupts research or study or interferes with normal use of the library:

  • noise, rowdiness and offensive behaviour
  • conversation in areas other than designated group study areas
  • harassment of Library staff or clients
  • mobile phones which have not been switched to silent

Behaviour which may create an unhealthy or unpleasant environment:

  • smoking is prohibited in the Library
  • hot food and uncovered drinks are not permitted in the Library
  • all litter to be placed in bins provided
  • all materials to be returned to designated areas within the Library

Clients are required to comply with Western Sydney University Policies and Rules, and with State and Federal legislation.

Failure to observe this Code of Conduct may lead to eviction and possible withdrawal of Library privileges.

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