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Skills for your academic and future career

Learning how to learn is as important as learning the skills you need to use in your future career. Whatever school or College course you are enrolled in, you are here at University to learn about the professional skills you need.

Another important skill is learning how to find the information you need to write your assessments. But finding relevant information does not stop when you graduate. You may need to look up data or write a report for your boss. Knowing how to put together a search strategy and where to look for the specific information you need is a professional ‘soft skill’ that will always be valued.

  • Successful Searching: An introduction to basic research techniques and tools to help you find and manage information efficiently.
  • Business Information Essentials: Introduces high quality information sources and professional skills specifically relating to the business disciplinary area.
  • Introduction to Legal Research: Explains legal research principles and terminology. Provides guidance in locating secondary sources, Australian legislation and case law and is particularly relevant to law students.
  • AGLC Referencing Tutorial: This interactive tutorial that allows you to practice on real content - Cases, Legislation, Journal articles, Books, Newspapers and Internet Materials.
  • Pre-reading Techniques: Pre-reading helps you decide whether a text is relevant for your goals.
  • Selective Reading Techniques: Selective reading helps you read academic texts efficiently.
  • RefQuest: An interactive monster-fighting game to assist with learning about different referencing styles and when to use them. Made in collaboration with Learning Futures.
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