Academic Integrity Week: 22-26 August 2022

As you write your assessments in the coming weeks, it is an ideal time to ensure you are studying with academic integrity and learn how the choices and actions you take may impact your degree and future career.

It's important to give yourself the best chance of success by doing your assessment tasks with an honest attitude.

You’re investing your time and effort in studying for a degree, which will be a stepping-stone to success in your chosen career. What you learn at university will set the foundation for your professional knowledge and practice.

By having a sound understanding of academic integrity principles you can avoid negative consequences like failing an assignment, facing misconduct proceedings, or being asked to leave the university.

Learn more about academic integrity and how your Library is here to help you during Academic Integrity Week – Spring 2022.

Identify and avoid cheating services

The only thing your assignment should cost you is time Cheating services are illegal in Australia and often target students online via TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. It’s important to know how to identify and avoid academic cheating services, who may advertise themselves as providing study support in return for payment or uploading your past assignments or study notes.

Illegal cheating services undermine the integrity of your degree and could expose you to criminal behaviour, including the risk of blackmail. It’s that serious! Western is improving its ability to detect contract cheating. Don’t risk your degree by engaging in contract cheating.

If you are having difficulties with understanding or completing an assessment task, contact your Subject Coordinator as soon as possible, use Studiosity for writing feedback, book an appointment with a Study Smart Librarian, or contact Western’s wellbeing support services.

Watch these videos for details:

Study Smart and use the Assignment Calculator Plan ahead to avoid last minute stress

Leaving assessments to the last minute usually causes high levels of stress, which can lead to bad decisions that impact your degree. The Library is here to show you how to navigate this busy time. You have access to many planning resources to assist you to manage your time and workload:

  • Use the Study Smart Assignment Calculator to plan your assessments, including mini-milestones that will have you ready to meet your deadline.
  • The Study Smart Essay Guides outline the essentials of writing essays. Use the Essay Quick start guide, Study Smart essay drafting tool and Essay Checklist to overcome study blocks or procrastination.

Develop your study skills and understanding

Honesty + responsibility + courage + respect = Academic IntegrityAcademic Integrity Module

Complete the Academic Integrity Module online to get up to date with current topics and terminology.

Reference and cite your sources honestly

The Library has developed guides for the citation styles most commonly used within the University.

Successful Searching

The Library Successful Searching Tutorial will teach you how to research and manage information effectively.

Get advice and feedback from literacy experts

Library Study Smart Appointments

Meet face-to-face with a literacy expert on campus or online to learn:

  • the correct way to reference and cite your sources.
  • advanced searching tips to find the best information for your assignments.
  • to go beyond Google and get the edge with quality scholarly resources;
  • tips to evaluate, store and manage information efficiently for study.

Use Studiosity to get writing feedback on your draft assignment

Upload your assignment draft in vUWS anytime and get writing feedback, usually within 24 hours. Chat to a Studiosity Subject specialist for real-time assistance with a study question.

Check your academic integrity

Check your academic integrity with TurnitinAcademic Integrity Checklist

The Academic Integrity Checklist is a great starting point to begin assessing the integrity of your assignment. Utilise the information below to ensure you are submitting work with integrity:

Turnitin can assess the originality of your paper

Turnitin is an online software that identifies and reports on similarities between documents. When you submit papers to Turnitin via vUWS, Turnitin compares your paper against student papers worldwide, scholarly literature such as journal articles, plus searches current and archived web pages. You then receive a Turnitin Similarity Report that assesses the originality of your paper and highlights text and links to the original sources.

Start a conversation

Have a conversation about Academic Integrity with your student peers today or contact the Library via