Open Access Memberships

Western Sydney is an institutional member of BioMed Central (BMC). Ongoing payment of article processing fees is dependent on availability of University funds.

From their website:

We are an STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher with a large portfolio of peer-reviewed open access journals. Our journals span all areas of biology, medicine and health, including broad interest and specialist titles.

Eligibility Guidelines:

To access funds, the first or corresponding author must be a permanent Western Sydney staff member OR HDR student with a Western Sydney staff member as their principle supervisor. Adjuncts, conjoints and visiting fellows are not eligible to access these funds.

Process for Accessing the Funds:

When submitting a manuscript to a journal from one of these publishers select the option that indicates you are eligible to access Western Sydney Institutional funds. On receipt of a potentially eligible manuscript, the Library receives an email from the publisher to confirm the article processing fee will be paid from Institutional funds. If the Library is unsure a manuscript is eligible, the Western Sydney author will be contacted for verification.

Policy compliance:

Publishing in an open access journal complies with the University ‘Open Access to Research Policy’ which states:

Subject to any intellectual property, commercial, privacy and/or ethical constraints researchers will, as soon as possible, make publications and data arising out of research openly available for re-use and citation. Research funding agreements may require that publications and data created through the funded research be made available within a defined timeframe.

For non-open access outputs, a publisher compliant version of the paper can be made freely available in ResearchDirect following an embargo period. The Library Research Team manages this process.  

Note: Many journals require the underlying research datasets to be made freely available with the published article. Notify the Library of a dataset here and a staff member will be in touch to  facilitate this process.

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